Electronics Design Consultancy

You have an outstanding concept. You want to take it to production within a certain timescale. You know the simpler and leaner you can keep the process, the less it’ll cost and the less chance there is of things going wrong somewhere along the way. So you need the entire manufacture process to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

If you need a partner that confidently handles all aspects of electronic hardware design, including schematic and PCB design and circuit simulation modelling. Or one that can provide firmware design, device driver and board support package development, proof of concept studies and prototypes. Including full industrial / mechanical design, with an in-depth knowledge of current legislative requirements, and an outstanding level of experience in testing and validation. Then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics design from concept development through to production including embedded hardware, software, electrical circuits and everything in-between. In 2016 we invested in a LulzBot® TAZ 6 3-D printer so to enhance our SolidWorks® CAD design. This has enabled us to offer a fast turnaround mechanical prototypes to complement our electronic prototype manufacturing service. .

Customised Kiosk Design - fast-turnaround bespoke kiosk design. Based on our core high-specification VIA industrial embedded panel; optimised to meet your peripheral and user interface requirements. For more details click here.

Integrated electronic design consultancy is the name of the game these days if you want a top-quality job done every time, on time, and within budget. With the addition to the GBE group, Surface mount specialists Wildtrax Electronics, we are able to manufacture in much higher volumes. This in turn allows us to take on more work and for our clients to enjoy the cost benefits that come with it.

Tell us about your project

To find out more about how GBE could be working with you to design and manufacture efficient, compliant and usable electronic products call us now on +44 (0) 1903 244 500 or email enquiry@gbelectronics.com


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