Wildtrax Electronics

December 2017 saw a new addition to the GBE group of companies Wildtrax Electronics. This new acquisition enables an integrated approach to the design, manufacture and assembly of electronic products that significantly reduces costs and enables you to get your ideas to market quicker.

By leveraging our collective design expertise and manufacturing experience we are creative in our thinking and robust in our application, whilst maintaining total control of projects at all stages. From design concept to prototyping, into full product manufacture and compliance testing, we offer a flexible and reliable single supply solution with one point of contact throughout. This acquisition has enabled us to fully integrate departments across the group; meaning we can offer our product focused approach, coupled with competitive contract electronic manufacturing rates, to our clients.


All electronic products available within the European Union must comply with the relevant standards and directives, GBE have partnered with METECC to undertake Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing requirements. The combined experience of GBE and METECC enables us to offer advice and testing services and provide evidence of due diligence of EMC testing.

GBE offer full pre-compliance testing and verification for new and existing electronic product designs. This enables GBE to offer a ‘design for EMC’ facility to ensure your product is fully compliant which includes manufacturing gold brick production prototype to carry out testing and validation. This is a crucial requirement of any electronic product design cycle as leaving EMC to the final stages of design invariably leads to costly mistakes, including essential re-design after EMC test failure.

Haughton Design

Haughton Design (HD) is a specialist product design company, with a highly experienced team focusing on industrial and mechanical design engineering. They have a depth of knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacturing techniques for mechanical components and assemblies. HD are able to deliver robust designs for highly regulated, high volume products as well as bespoke mechanical design projects. Their ability to deliver market leading products is derived from their highly-structured, collaborative development process.

HD’s range of skills and market experience compliments GBE’s core electronic and electro-mechanical design strengths and, as such, this has resulted in a strong inter-company collaboration. GBE and HD’s teams have worked together on numerous projects, across a range of industrial sectors, and this has enabled them to align their process and procedures to ensure the design process, across both teams, is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Having key collaborative partnerships allows both companies to deliver the highest quality service at all stages of a project; as key skills and competencies can be leveraged across both companies to provide the optimal, innovative solution for a client’s project. And, combined with GBE’s contract manufacturing service, this is a powerful ‘from idea to placed on market’ business solution.

Via Technologies Inc

VIA Technologies Inc., is a global leader in the development of highly-integrated embedded platform and system solutions.  Their unrivalled range of platforms, systems, software, and customization services, mean they can deliver a comprehensive array of solutions that can help to accelerate product development cycles. Their high-reliability, cool, low-power, fan-less industrial panel PC solution made them ideal development partners for GBE’s award winning BloodTrack® healthcare product.

This partnership dates back to 2008 and the most recent version utilises a customised VIA VIPRO, integrated with GBE’s in-house peripherals, to provide the optimum solution to the safe control of blood-bag and blood products within a hospital environment. GBE’s embedded partner status with Via enabled them to develop an embedded software solution with in-house designed device drivers. As this is an expanding business, the continued support and collaboration between GBE and Via has led to a very successful partnership within the healthcare sector.

GBEs continued relationship with VIA Technologies allows us to pass on the faster product development cycles and resulting cost savings to our clients. It also enables GBE to design fully integrated panel PC solutions, which includes operating system and peripheral design and ongoing support product support.


Through our work developing and supporting products for the communication and healthcare industries, GBE is a Microsoft® Windows® Partner and Windows® Embedded Compact Partner.

GBE’s Windows® Embedded CE development includes writing device driver and libraries as well as building and deploying tailored operating systems for industrial PDA devices.

Windows® 7 Professional for Embedded Systems development includes the design of customised operating systems for deployment on embedded or off the shelf PCs and Workstations.

In both instances this has included tailoring images for full control of peripheral devices, whilst maintaining a stable operating system for our client’s front end software applications.

Want to find out more about how GBE could be working with you and leveraging our associations to design, redesign, manufacture and support efficient, compliant and usable electronic products?

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