Windows Embedded Developer

As a result of our work developing and supporting electronics products for the communication and healthcare industries, GBE is a Microsoft Windows Partner and Windows Embedded Partner.

GBE’s Windows Embedded CE development capability includes writing device drivers, libraries and building and deploying tailored operating systems for industrial PDA devices.

Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional for Embedded System development includes the design of customised operating systems for deployment on embedded or ‘off the shelf’ PCs and Workstations.

In both instances this has included tailoring the images for full control of peripheral devices whilst maintaining a stable operating system for our client’s front end software applications.

IET memberships

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the largest multidisciplinary professional engineering institution in the world. GBE believe in the nurture and the continued development of talent. The company has supported many of its engineers in gaining membership and/or chartership with this prestigious institution.

Benefits to members include access to professional development, knowledge and resources.

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