Remote, continuous, and over-the-air configurable environmental monitoring is evermore important in the current climate. With an ever-increasing focus on how our environment is changing, along with industries such as power and oil, plus public sectors, farms and environmental agencies relying on continuous readings from sensors such as pH level, water level/flow/quality, soil moisture, rain gauge, wind speed, etc, (and often in remote or hard-to-get-to locations) then the vanwaltDataHub is the perfect solution. It is a heavy duty, IP rated high performance data-logging device with configurable on-board data-management and with telemetry communications by RF, GPRS or satellite portals. It can take a large range of simultaneous and multiple data inputs including SDI12, Modbus, Pulse, Analog, Relay and Digital. The unit is OTA configurable and the power management has been optimised for year-round operation by 2 internal long-life batteries and solar panel connectivity.   

The vanwaltDataHub product design was a collaboration between GBE’s in-house electronic and firmware engineers and Van Walt’s product innovation and extensive experience in the field of environmental monitoring. It was the result of over 18 months state-of-the-art engineering and as a fully custom designed product it can be tailored to suit almost any environmental monitoring requirement. Van Walt are experts at designing the full system, which includes site survey, integration to an array of peripherals (sensors, daisy-chained to other datahubs, communications, etc), system installation and presentation of monitoring data to the client’s local server.

The vanwaltDataHub is manufactured by GBE and Van Walt carries out full system specification and configuration before deployment. As two family-run SMEs, in close location to each other, this powerful collaboration has resulted in an extremely innovative product, designed with specific industry requirements which are the result of years of experience in environmental monitoring.  Coupled by full supply-chain and manufacturing control makes this an industry-leading solution for environmental monitoring.

For more information, details on peripherals and system specification and sales contact Van Walt.