USB Relay

The GBE USB Relay enables a PC or Apple Mac to control a single external device using a relay contact attached to the USB port.

Simple for the programmer to use, the device appears as an additional COM port or network port on an Apple Mac, and can be easily interfaced into your code.

The relay is controlled by issuing commands to the port as if it was connected to a conventional serial, or network on the Mac, port. No technical knowledge of USB is required and no new driver interfaces need to be learnt.

The device is available as an OEM PCB or in an enclosure and is supplied with a USB cable. It can be configured to detect external digital inputs, as a manufacturing option. Volume pricing is available on request.

Device drivers and full documentation are available on-line. Additional options for configuration include some additional digital I/O and choices for communications protocols/command sets which can be adapted for specialist uses. In addition a legacy serial based device could be directly replaced by GBE’s USB Relay without having to change existing software.

The USB Relay is an ideal product for home/office/factory automation and system integration. It can also be used to actuate a range of devices that form an essential part of your integrated solution.

The case study provides more information on the products and applications is which where customers have implemented it as well as the industry sectors in which it has been used. GBE would be delighted to assist you to integrate it into your electronic products or system solutions.

USB Relay key benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Bus or self-powered for flexibility
  • Mains switching
  • Custom inputs to detect external digital signals – configurable at the manufacturing stage, to further integrate with final application
  • N.O or N.C. contacts
  • Programmable watchdog monitors application and/or USB
  • Screw terminals for easy connection
  • Screw terminals also carry 12V power (when self-powered)
  • Can be manufactured to detect external digital input signals for peripheral monitoring
  • Appears to programmer as additional COM port
  • Choice of command sets
  • Available in an enclosure or as stand-alone PCB for OEM applications

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