Stylophone™ Gen X-1

Dubreqs’ original StylophoneTM was a small, pocket analogue synthesiser released in the 1960’s. Designed as a low cost novelty synth, the StylophoneTM quickly rose to fame and was popular amongst influential musicians of the era.

The GEN X-1 is the successor to this classic 60’s synth toy, still played using a stylus the GEN X-1 is packed with more controls creating a more versatile and competitive product for the contemporary, small analogue synthesiser market.

GBE worked closely with Dubreqs audio experts to optimise the GEN X-1’s sound output and define the StylophoneTM  sound. What was delivered to the client was a full product solution from conception to manufacture including mechanics and electronics.

The StylophoneTM GEN X-1 respectfully nods to its predecessor with its aesthetics and audio output making it a perfect retro-nostalgic product.

The GEN X-1 is equipped with the following features:

  • A stylus keyboard and separate sound strip
  • LFO square and triangle wave
  • Low pass filter cut-off/resonance
  • Sub octaves -1 & -2
  • Envelope attack/decay
  • Delay time/feedback
  • X button pulse width modulation
  • Mini-jack in/out
  • Built-in speaker
  • Battery operated

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