Starman is a compact multiplexing communications unit that enables a USB device (such as a PDA, Smartphone, etc) to connect to and interface with peripheral devices. The patented design of Starman also features the capability to add external inputs, outputs and serial data transfer to the USB device.

Starman is a GBE in-house designed product, which includes full electronic, firmware, mechanical design plus protection by UK and European patent. It was developed based on GBE experience in the taxi dispatch market and the design work was co-ordinated with our partner in that industry, Trapeze Group (UK) Ltd (formerly Auriga) and is an excellent example of how GBE work in partnership as stakeholders with our customers.

With its high throughput, and low latency data transfer, Starman offers intelligent data switching between the USB device and 2x serial ports (with 5V power), 3x general inputs and an analogue radio, typically of the ‘conventional PMR’ type.

Starman’s common usage is in the field of in-car telematics to provide communications paths to applications running on a PDA or smartphone. Extended power support of up to 2A allows charging of the PDA by the car's battery, using the same USB cable. Within this industry Starman has been optimised for use with Trapeze’s Auriga taxi dispatch system and that variant is branded as the Auriga Drive 360° Connect.

The design is adaptable for other markets including domestic, industrial, scientific and healthcare. The modular design of Starman permits incorporation of interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN-bus, and Bluetooth® (plus other wireless technologies).

Starman is the ideal solution in any situation where communication, interface and control of a range of devices are essential.

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