Programmable DC Waveform Generator

GB Electronics (UK) Ltd. introduces our new GBE-ECS1-100W: Portable Programmable DC Waveform Generator, 22V 100W with fully configurable output; rated at 100W and able to supply up to 22V.

The GBE-ECS1-100W is an extremely flexible test tool, designed to provide a simple and easy form of DC waveform generation. Utilising a minimal hardware interface and an intuitive PC based GUI, voltage and timing parameters can be set via an RS232 link to a resolution of 100mV and 1ms respectively; allowing the generation of large variety of output test waveforms. These include standard ISO compliant waveforms such as ISO 7637-2:2004/2011 & 16750-2:2006 for automotive electrical disturbance compliance, as well as many more.

The tool therefore allows for a reliable and consistent form of voltage waveform automation and is ideal for verification and validation purposes for a whole range of different DUT’s and applications; including power disturbance, transient immunity, battery simulation (including car battery), voltage drop and soak testing. Using the Waveform Generator will allow for a much more consistent and efficient form of testing, for both hardware and software designs, reducing the need for user interaction throughout lengthy or monotonous periods of testing - saving on both development time and costs.

Voltage decay testing can be implemented to ensure products are able to function successfully when operating at lower than optimal voltage levels. The GBE-ECS1-100W will allow users to accurately simulate this effect, which can be commonly seen in battery and solar powered applications, over a user-defined period; again minimising development time. An exact point at which the DUT ceases to function as required can then be resolved – vital for a reliable and robust design.

Further to this, products can be tested to ensure that a variety of different voltage spikes and transients at the power supply do not affect its operation – this can be necessary for designs that require maximum reliability; are used in conjunction with large or inductive loads; or are used in a ‘noisy’ environment. The GBE-ECS1-100W can again simulate this effect, either during extended periods of soak testing, or as a quick-and-easy production tool to verify individual units.

The Portable Programmable DC Waveform Generator simulator also features 6 configurable GPIO ports, which are easily accessed for connection to external devices via a standard HD15 connector – allowing users to toggle various signals on the DUT if required; further adding to the flexibility of the device.

The tool comes in a light-weight and compact design ideal for bench testing and allowing for easy portability.

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