Power Factor Correction

EMC requirements now insist on minimising harmonics injected back onto the mains power supply from devices requiring more than 75W. The harmonics can be especially large if the loads are capacitive, inductive or have large short-term current requirements. Mitigating these harmonics requires the use of a Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit between the mains and the device to ensure the current drawn from the mains is in phase with the mains voltage.

Added benefits of using a PFC are reduced power consumption and more efficient use of energy.

GBE provide an active PFC module which can be used for devices up to 1kW and presents a power factor better than 0.95, the ideal is 1.0.

The output voltage remains at 360Vdc regardless of the main voltages found anywhere in the world (90Vac – 240Vac) and will still provide up to 1kW to the downstream circuits.

Technical specification:

  • Vin: 90Vac to 254Vac
  • Vout: 360Vdc
  • Power output: 1kW
  • Max current: 2.78A
  • Power Factor: >0.95

Other features:

  • Short circuit/overcurrent protection.
  • Neon indicator to signal residual voltages > 95Vdc present across the output capacitors

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