Ewan The Dream Sheep­

GBE worked with their client to design and produce an innovative product for child care: Ewan the Dream Sheep®. Ewan is more than just a cuddly sheep. He emits four different low-frequency soothing sounds which are proven to calm and relax babies coupled with a soft red glow from his cuddly tummy.

From their extensive experience in the electronic toy market, GBE worked closely with the client to perfect the electronic functionality and optimise the sound files the client supplied. They also helped with the plush design to produce the incredibly popular and multiple award winning Ewan the Dream Sheep® and Ewan Snuggly®. Both of these delightful products are available in their traditional Purple or Grey colours.

Over 400,000 of these adorable sheep have been sold so far! For more information or to buy your own Ewan, see: