Custom Kiosk Design

GBE has a wealth of knowledge in the customised kiosk market. This has developed from their successful involvement in the blood tracking market, where ergonomic design and integration with third party equipment is essential. This includes designing innovative interface solutions to enable control of equipment such as refrigerators and platelet incubators.

In order to achieve the optimum solution GBE has experience in:

  • Mechanical CAD design from prototype to final tooling – in plastic and metal;
  • Electronic design of custom interface PCBs – including smart USB and serial hubs; USB relay controller and serial port communication boards;
  • Customised audio electronics;
  • 1D and 2D barcode image configuration and coding;
  • Custom device drivers and software interface for peripheral devices;
  • Customised Windows® embedded image design configure for a standalone and network devices;
  • Design for regulatory compliance;
  • In-house prototype and production manufacturing;
  • Service support and maintenance.
The 2016 version includes a versatile and high specification VIA industrial embedded panel (link to datasheet). This has a solid-state hard-drive and high resolution touchscreen panel. As authorised development partners with VIA, GBE has worked with them to design their own customised panel PC which is at the heart of the V5 Kiosk.
All of the above could be used to design your perfect kiosk solution – optimised to run your system software and peripheral interfaces.

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