BloodTrack Kiosk V5

BloodTrack® is a remote inventory and bedside transfusion management solution that acts as an extension of a hospital’s blood bank information system. Within its integrated modules the BloodTrack® suite helps hospitals and donor centres secure, verify, and monitor their blood supply chain electronically from the blood bank, to remote storage locations, to the nurse’s station, and finally to the patient’s bedside.

As GBE’s blood management partnership with Haemonetics Corporation moves from strength to strength there has been a significant increase in investment in the blood tracking product portfolio. This has been to further enhance patient safety, traceability and reduce healthcare costs now the product is being supplied all over the world. BloodTrack® is now helping healthcare professionals in over 250 hospitals in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, North America, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Italy, UAE, Qatar and Australia.

In conjunction with a feature-rich software upgrade, GBE was proud to announce the launch of the BloodTrack® Kiosk V5 in 2016. Designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, this latest version of the award-winning BloodTrack® Kiosk is an evolutionary design based on some of the core strengths of the V4 unit. Along with the new stylish, lightweight and easy to service ergonomic design. Embedded V5 Kiosk solution integrated within Haemonetics’ HaemoBank® and HaemoBank20® to enable the allocation and dispensing of products “just-in-time” at the point-of-care. For more information, follow this link.

Other benefits of the V5 include:

  • Windows Professional 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7 – enhanced security and support
  • Medical Grade MTBF 40,000 hours PSU
  • Embedded Eden X2 processor with Solid State Drive
  • High resolution 10.4” touchscreen
  • Fully customisable internal multi-fridge controller interface
  • Smart-secure SMART USB hub
  • Fully antibacterial enclosure and touchscreen
  • Custom designed audio interface
  • Smart-shelf with optional RFID & biometric interface
  • 3G / Wi-Fi enabled
  • Multiple mounting and bracket options

Worldwide Compliance Standards

  • CE, FCC, NRTL and CB
  • FDA Clearance for system and TUV/UL Approved Kiosk
  • Medical Electrical Equipment compliance - 60601-1 2nd and 3rd Edition

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