Product Solutions

GBE has built a strong and varied portfolio of in-house designed products and customer lead projects that span a number of sectors. The common themes throughout these projects are the relationships that GBE have built with the customer to understand the requirement and the investment of our resources and experience to maximise GBE’s electronics design, manufacturing and after sales service.

This has enabled the development and implementation of very successful electronic products and business solutions. All of these products now serve as powerful development platforms which can be customised to a variety of functions, which significantly reduces time-to-market and costs, generating quicker more profitable sales.


Stylophone­™ Gen X-1

StylophoneTM is a British brand with significant history. The original StylophoneTM, released in 1967 was a small, pocket analogue synthesiser.......

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Fast Turnaround Prototypes

The recent addition of Wildtrax Electronics to the GBE group means that we can provide early revisions of surface mount & through hole prototypes. Furthermore.....

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BloodTrack Kiosk V5

BloodTrack® is a remote inventory and bedside transfusion management solution....

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Custom Kiosk Design

GBE has a wealth of knowledge in the customised kiosk market....

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Starman is a compact multiplexing communications unit that enables a USB device....

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Mobile Data Unit

Since the early 1990s GBE has built a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the in-car mobile data terminal....

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Ewan the Dream Sheep

GBE worked with their client to design and produce an innovative product for child care....

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Programmable DC Waveform Generator

GB Electronics (UK) Ltd. introduces our new GBE-ECS1-100W: Portable Programmable DC Waveform Generator....

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USB Relay

The GBE USB Relay enables a PC or Apple Mac to control a single external device using a relay contact attached to the USB port....

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Power Factor Correction

EMC requirements now insist on minimising harmonics injected back onto the mains power supply from devices requiring more than 75W....

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Fuzz Box

A UK based company approached GBE with the idea of redeveloping a classic sounding guitar effects pedal, to recreate the sound associated with Hendrix and the sixties.....

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GAFFA is an internally produced architectural framework which was developed during the design of GBE’s Starman product....

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