GBE Awarded SBRI Healthcare Development Contract

We are very proud to announce that GB Electronics (UK) Ltd have successfully been awarded an SBRI Healthcare development contract for the development of a cost‐effective thermal perception screening and monitoring device for early detection and long‐term management of Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy to reduce the impact on healthcare services and patients’ quality of life. The project, and subsequent SBRI application, has involved several key partners of GBE, namely; the University of Brighton, and our clinical expert advisors Alistair McInnes and Dr John Quinn. We are all very excited as we now progress with the project and the goal of reducing the effects of one of the most debilitating, life-threatening, and costly complications caused by diabetes which is so prevalent both here in the UK and internationally.

The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) is an NHS England initiative, championed by the newly formed Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), who aim to promote UK economic growth whilst addressing unmet health needs and enhancing the take up of known best practice.

Part of Innovation Health and Wealth the SBRI Healthcare programme sets industry the challenge in a series of health related competitions which result in fully funded development contracts between the awarded company and the NHS. Unlike many R&D projects which offer grant or match funding, SBRI contracts are 100 per cent funded and the company retains the IP.

For more information on the programme visit:SBRI-healthcare-logo-rgb-medium

This work was commissioned and funded by NHS England. The views expressed in the publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily that of the funding partners.