Unsolicited Recruitment

Terms and Conditions

In avoidance of doubt, if any unsolicited, general speculative or mailshot emails are sent to GB Electronics (UK) Ltd or Wildtrax Electronics (the Companies) with regards to recruitment the following terms over-ride any attached or included on emails, sent in standard mail or on any other electronic media (such as social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, et cetera).

  • The maximum commission the Companies will pay on any hire directly linked to emails is 5% of starting salary (excluding bonus, commission, or benefits), unless expressly agreed, in writing, otherwise.
  • The maximum per hour rate the Companies will pay for a consultant directly linked to emails is £25 per hour, unless expressly agreed, in writing, otherwise.
  • As the correspondence is sent unsolicited the sender cannot presume acceptance to terms likewise sent unsolicited. Any acceptance of terms must be sought, specifically in writing.
  • The sender acknowledges that they are responsible for compliance with all GDPR regulations in terms of to whom they have sent the email or information contained therein. Any breach of GDPR is entirely the responsibility of the sender.
  • If the Companies requests that these emails no longer be sent to any employee at the either Company, then continuing to do so is a breach of GDPR Regulations by the sender.
  • In sending unsolicited correspondence it is reasonable to presume that the sender has suitably researched details of the Companies and has read these specific terms, available on the Companies’ websites.

The Companies recognises that unsolicited emails may be the standard method for the recruiter to advertise their business, however, it is unreasonable for them to consider that either of the Companies’ acknowledges terms sent speculatively on unwanted emails. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the recruiter to specifically agree terms of trade.

In summary: if there is a recruitment requirement the Companies will contact and agree terms of trade on a case-by-case basis. Other-than-that please do not send any correspondence and if it is sent unsolicited the above ‘Unsolicited Recruitment Terms and Conditions’ shall override any sent by the recruitment company.