Raspberry Pi Projects

Project Details

Many clients come to us with either a proof of concept that they have made or in need of someone to develop the hardware whilst they take charge of the firmware. In many of these instances clients will opt for using a Raspberry Pi. This is largely due to its relatively low cost, flexibility and ease of learning through its extensive online community.

Although not specialising in the development of software for the Pi, GBE have been able to draw on a depth of knowledge, skill and experience allowing the delivery of many successful projects from design to manufacture containing the embedded system.

The following outlines two (of many) cases where we have worked with the Raspberry Pi.


Gateway Project

The ‘Gateway’ (pictured above) was designed for applications within the security market. The device (powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B) acts as a router, bridging the gap between the clients cloud system (where all the data was stored) and the end node devices that were gathering the data.

GBE responsibility

  • Hardware design, including the PCB design of a Raspberry Pi daughter board
  • Demo python scripts which were used as an interface between the system software and the hardware
  • Developed the communication protocol for the communication between the Gateway and the end node devices
  • Firmware in C language for the auxiliary 32-bit Atmel Sam microcontroller located on the daughter board which managed the communication between the Raspberry Pi, XBee wireless module and OLED screen (effectively an intelligent multiplexer!)
  • Assisted in the integration of GBE’s python scripts with the Client’s code

Product Breakdown

  • GSM module
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 32-bit Atmel Sam Microcontroller
  • LEDs to indicate status of the device
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Real time clock with backup supercapacitor
  • 3 line mains power supply sensing (Neutral, Live, Ground)
  • Mains power regulation
  • Lead acid battery charger
  • Switch off the power supply to battery when mains fail
  • Battery level sensing
  • XBee wireless connection to end node devices
  • OLED display screen

GBE was successful in helping the client to develop a well rounded and robust system code.

Advertising bottle project

The client came to GBE with a concept for a digital point of sale display to be incorporated in a whiskey bottle to be used for advertising within bars. For this project GBE was required to do only the hardware design. The screen was interfaced to the Pi via an HDMI connection. In order to house the screen and Pi within the bottle and still allow for the removal of components, it was necessary to call on the expertise of GBEs mechanical design department to engineer a mounting bracket.

Product Breakdown

  • Raspberry Pi
  • LCD screen
  • Buttons to trigger the advertisment
  • Microphone to trigger functions
  • Battery lithium polymer charger
  • Temperature sensing for the battery to make sure it does not overheat

The project was delivered to the specification and exceeded the clients expectation. The product has undergone field testing in the clients bars and is now ready for production.

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