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Aqua Cars Installation

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Aqua Cars

As of September 2017, Portsmouth Council required all existing licensed hackney carriage and private hire vehicles to be fitted with compliant CCTV cameras.

GBE’s wealth of knowledge and experience with in-car embedded solutions for the private hire vehicle industry meant they could leverage this expertise to assist Aqua Cars meet these new legislations by installation of a customised G7 Vehicle CCTV System. In fact, not only did this help Aqua Cars meet the legislation, it was also optimised to provide numerous other driver and fleet owner benefits; see below.

The capabilities of GB Electronics G7 CCTV system far exceed the requirements of most fleet vehicle operators and government legislation. The G7 has a 4CH 960P/720P video input with 4TB of storage. The DVR is also configured to live stream both audio and video, allowing for remote monitoring.

Portsmouth based Aqua Cars were acquired by its current owners in 1990, at that time the company had a fleet of 16 cars. Today Aqua Cars has expanded its fleet exponentially with over 1000 vehicles on the road.

When the new requirements of Portsmouth council were announced, GBE worked closely with Aqua Cars in order to optimise the G7 system to meet their budgetary requirements and the finer points of the new legislation. 

The G7 was re-fitted with a 2TB storage allowing Aqua Cars drivers to hold enough recorded data to meet the minimum 31-day requirement but also reduce the overall cost of the unit. The DVR was also fitted with panic buttons for both driver and/or passenger to depress for audio recording during an incident. GBE also carried out all relevant CE testing to ensure EMC compliance.

Aqua Cars Installation

Now that the legislation is in place and Aqua Cars’ entire fleet has been fitted with vehicle CCTV, both the company and its vehicle operators acknowledge the many positive implications that having these systems installed can have.

Benefits of having the G7 system installed in a vehicle or fleet include:

  • Prevention of unnecessary or unwanted insurance claims
  • Reduction in excess payments
  • May reduce car insurance
  • Encourages the best practice for your drivers
  • Improves your vehicles overall safety and security
  • Maximises duty of care
  • Mitigates potential road traffic incidents
  • Deters 'runners', thieves and vandals

Many other local councils have or will have legislation in place to mitigate incidents occurring in private hire vehicles. To find out more about the G series vehicle CCTV systems and how GBE could work with you to fulfil your vehicle CCTV requirements.

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